Project Description

KEPCO Bylong Australia (KEPCO) proposes to develop the Bylong Coal Project (the Project) to mine up to 6.5 million tonnes of run of mine coal per annum for supply to the thermal coal export market. The mine will include two open-cut mining areas and an underground mining area. Coal will be transported from the Project site to the Port of Newcastle via the existing Sandy Hollow-Gulgong Line.

The project life is approximately 25 years, comprising a two year construction period and a 23 year operational period.  Underground mining operations are expected to commence in year 7.

The mine is likely to employ up to approximately 650 people during initial construction. During operations, the Project will provide direct employment for up to approximately 450 workers.

Various rehabilitation and decommissioning activities will be undertaken during both the course of, and following the 25 years of the Project.

For more information, please refer to the Project Overview fact sheet.

Conceptual Project Layout

Revisions to Project Layout

KEPCO Bylong Australia (KEPCO) is the proponent and 100% owner of the Bylong Coal Project. KEPCO is a subsidiary of Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO Korea), which is responsible for the generation of 85% of South Korea’s electricity for its industrial, commercial, residential, educational and agricultural customers. While KEPCO Korea is committed to further developing renewable energy technologies, high quality thermal coal is anticipated to remain a dominant source of energy whilst alternative technologies are developed.

The Bylong Coal Project is KEPCO’s first 100% equity investment in Australia. The Project is strategically important to assist in meeting KEPCO Korea’s overarching objective of securing critical energy coal resources for the people of South Korea.

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