Key Facts

Location – 55 km north-east of Mudgee

Method – Open cut and underground

Projected production – 6.5 million tonnes (ROM) per annum

Project life – 25 years (open cut 9 years, underground 20 years)

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Latest News & Updates

Independent Planning Commission determination

On 18 September 2019, the Independent Planning Commission (IPC) announced its decision to refuse the Bylong Coal Project and provided a statement of reasons for the decision. KEPCO is deeply disappointed with the IPC decision and wish to put on record our commitment to the Project and the local area. Please refer to the Project Approvals page for further information.

Court Appeal

KEPCO’s appeal of the IPC’s decision in the NSW Land and Environment Court was dismissed during December 2020.  KEPCO is now challenging the NSW Land and Environment Court’s decision in the NSW Court of Appeal and is hopeful that its appeal will be upheld.



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John Medcalf (President) & Fred Hoy (Secretary) Kandos Rylstone Men's Shed

"Since 2011 when the Bylong Coal Project decided to plan for coal mining in our district, we at the Kandos Rylstone Men's Shed have been receiving support from them to enable us to finance our own projects and sustain a shed that benefits the local community. KEPCO have listened to us and our needs and are only too willing to support us, and we are very grateful of them. We also see the Bylong Project as a place of needed employment for much of our townspeople."

Maureen Phillips (President) Kandos Kids and Carers

"Employment is a primary concern for the smaller regional communities of the mid-west. The town of Kandos has been particularly hard hit by the historical closure of local industries, such as the cement works. Our town could really benefit from having a new major employer in close proximity, and I see the Bylong Coal Project as a great opportunity for Kandos and the entire mid-western region."

Jeff Braithwaite (President) Bylong Hall Committee Inc.

"I have enjoyed working with KEPCO in my time as President of the Bylong Hall Committee. They have been a great supporter of the committee and have helped with the maintenance and operation of the community infrastructure at the Bylong Hall and sports oval. We look forward to working with KEPCO to maintain and improve these important community facilities throughout the life of the Bylong Coal Project and beyond."